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Strong yield prospects

With volatile markets creating uncertainty, the strong yield prospects and effective diversification opportunities offered by EMD are powerful draws for investors.

But vast scope also brings specific challenges. Finding the best prospects for returns in such a big and complex universe requires skill, local knowledge and in-depth insight.


Global research network

We have been investing in EMD for over a quarter of a century. Our team of 50* specialist investment professionals is based across offices in London, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. We use our local connections and unique on-the-ground perspective to capture the whole picture for our investors.

* As at 31 March 2021

Emerging market debt with ESG embedded

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns are deeply embedded in our EMD investment process. This is because we believe intelligent ESG assessment and engagement can deliver better outcomes and enhance investor returns.

The Covid-19 crisis will ensure these are more important than ever as governments, companies and society must increasingly work together.

We combine thematic and sector research produced by our central ESG Investment team with issuer level insights created by our EMD team. This dual approach helps us fully understand how bond issuers manage their strengths and weaknesses.

Given the wide range of political systems in emerging market countries, we have created a proprietary Environmental, Social, Governance and Political framework. It helps us to assess the specific political risks associated with bonds issued by emerging market governments.

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