• Comprehensive solutions for diverse clients

    Our extensive fixed income resources and global expertise, enable us to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions for diverse client needs. These span developed to emerging, public to private and investment grade to high-yield markets.
  • Global research identifies opportunities

    Our focused global research creates insights into local markets and individual bond issuers which can drive sustainable outcomes. Combining this with economic and thematic research as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis, enables us to build flexible and sustainable portfolios that are responsive to both market conditions and client needs.
  • Environmental Social and Governance analysis - integrated at every stage

    ESG analysis is an integral part of our research process and enhances our traditional bottom-up research approach by providing a more insightful and complete view of the risks and opportunities embedded in companies. Incorporating ESG risks at every stage is critical to our ambition to deliver sustainable client solutions.

Our Strategies

ESG embedded in our investments

Put simply, we believe that companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials are the ones best placed to deliver strong, risk adjusted, long-term returns for our bond investors.

Our primary goal and responsibility is to generate the best long-term returns we can for our clients, mitigate risks and unlock opportunities. Consideration of ESG factors is therefore embedded in our fixed income research process. It’s one of the key dimensions, alongside other valuation metrics, on which we assess any company in which we invest.

We actively engage with our investee companies, combining information from these meetings with insights from our investment managers, research analysts and central ESG investment team. This creates an holistic evaluation of each bond issuer and enables us to compare one with another.

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