abrdn Sustainability Agenda

A newsletter, brought to you by the Sustainability Institute, APAC

Leverage sustainability insight to gain investment foresight
The Sustainability Institute, Asia Pacific (APAC) offers this quarterly newsletter to help investors keep abreast of sustainable investing trends that present opportunities or risks to regional portfolio returns.

Sustainable investing is more than a trend, it is a disruptive force in financial markets as environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are becoming an integral part of the investment processes.

For investors this means that ESG factors now impact portfolios broadly. However, most investors are not experts across the wide array of industries, sectors and asset classes now impacted by ESG factors.

Additionally, the volume of global ESG events and developments can be intimidating, without really translating implications for APAC investments.

Let the abrdn Sustainability Agenda help shine a spotlight on the most investment-critical developments for APAC.
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