Global Risk Mitigation fund

Global Risk Mitigation

Find upside in downside protection.

Portfolio protection
The Global Risk Mitigation Fund (GRM) provides investors with a complementary diversifying strategy that aims to deliver strong positive returns when developed market equites experience material declines and volatility is high.

GRM combines diversified hedging strategies into one active solution and is convex: as developed equity markets fall, its rate of gain increases. GRM benefits from increased market volatility; it performs at its best when investors need it most.
Capital efficiency
GRM is three-times levered, providing greater protection with a lower portfolio allocation. This allows investors to retain assets with high return potential while managing downside risk cost efficiently.
Compound returns
GRM is designed to protect portfolios from the downside risk of developed market equity volatility. It allows investors to reduce portfolio drawdowns, shorten break-even and more effectively compound returns. Further, GRM offers daily liquidity, enabling investors to monetise gains quickly and reallocate capital as required; this provides investors further flexibility to improve overall compound rates of return.

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