Helping insurers optimize their asset yield and capital efficiency

Insurers have unique investment needs. On one hand they need to generate sufficient returns on their assets to meet long-term commitments to policyholders. On the other, stringent regulation means that any investment risk needs to be balanced against solvency capital requirements and the potential for balance-sheet volatility.

At abrdn, we’ve been helping insurers manage these challenges for almost 200 years. We provide access to a broad range of traditional and non-traditional strategies and asset classes that can help enhance the risk-adjusted return on a portfolio.

Key Benefits

Proven partner for insurers

We manage more than $415 billion of assets for insurers worldwide. Our clients include some of the world’s largest life, property & casualty, and reinsurers, as well as regional and local providers. All are supported by our dedicated insurance specialist team with extensive actuarial, reporting and risk- management expertise.

From investment to reporting

We provide investment approaches from pooled to customized portfolios or complete investment outsourcing. We rely on the complete investment universe, including investments in active, quant, multi-asset, private market and alternative investments, to help diversify risk while enhancing potential return.


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Case study: Fund financing

A tailor-made approach to fund financing

We detail the custom fund-financing solution we created to meet the specific requirements and return goals of a large U.S. insurance company.

Read the case study

What we offer our clients

Dedicated insurance team

Our global insurance team is focused on managing relationships and developing innovative asset solutions for our clients. The team includes professionals with specialized skill-sets such as actuarial, risk structuring and investment optimization. This is coupled with in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment.

With extensive global insurance investment experience and expertise, the team works closely with our clients to build lasting investment solutions that deliver effective outcomes. Through ongoing client engagement, we aim to ensure that these investment solutions continue to meet their needs.

Comprehensive investment solutions

We understand that insurers have specific investment objectives. To help them meet these, we offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions, including:

  • pooled products across a wide range of asset classes
  • bespoke solutions tailored to individual client requirements
  • liability-aware mandates
  • modelling, risk management and structured solutions

All of our solutions are supported by global investment capabilities that span a broad spectrum of traditional and non-traditional asset classes. As one of the world’s largest assets managers, we have experienced investment teams covering:

  • Fixed income
  • Private markets
  • Real estate
  • Client-driven and multi-manager solutions
  • Alternative investment strategies
  • Quantitative investing
  • Equities
  • Multi-asset
  • Liquidity

Our wide range of investment solutions is backed by our investment philosophy, disciplined risk management and shared commitment to a culture of investment excellence.

Asset and risk reporting

We understand the regulatory importance of providing detailed and timely reports. Our reporting capabilities include:

  • Risk and performance attribution
  • Fund and investment analytics
  • Asset data reporting.

In addition to this, we offer fund accounting and valuation services; transaction reporting; trade management; asset servicing; and unit pricing.