Client profile:

  • U.S. insurance company with $150B in assets
  • Strong in-house investment management team manages 90% of its assets
  • Outsources 10% of its asset management

Client requirements:

  • Unique loan origination opportunities
  • Short-duration portfolio (1-3 years) with attractive yields relative to public markets
  • U.S. loans focused, explore global opportunities over time
  • Target return of floating reference rate +140 bps net return
  • Attractive after-fees return
  • Investment grade loans

What was the client looking for?

1. Increased diversification

The client’s investment goal was to find a way to increase yield but still invest in shorter-dated assets. The organization has its own in-house asset management capabilities, so we needed to deliver a truly differentiated approach to portfolio diversification.

2. Enhanced yield over cash

We met with the prospective client to propose a fund-financing loans portfolio, participating in short-duration credit line facilities to private-market funds. The loans are backed by institutional limited partner (LP) commitments to the funds, typically pension plans, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds. The credit lines tend to be at the early stages of the fund’s life. The duration of these loans generally ranges between 12 and 36 months. Our initial proposal included a portfolio of loans that would yield approximately a reference rate +140 bps target net returns with a duration profile of less than two years.

The client was willing, within reason, to extend maturity to achieve the net return objective. We worked closely with the client from an early stage to try to create an optimal balance between risk, return, and liquidity. We considered all of the loan options available within the investment universe and modeled multiple portfolios that could potentially provide a satisfactory solution.

Not only were we able to meet the client’s yield goal of reference +140 bps net returns, but we were also able to exceed it. As of March 31, 2022, we were able to generate reference rate +256 bps net returns.

3. Bespoke investment solution

During the process, we took a holistic view of fund financing to meet the client’s yield target. This led us to consider both early LP credit facilities and later-stage facilities that are backed by the underlying assets of borrowing private equity funds. In collaboration with the client investment team, we concluded that employing fund-financing loans in both the short and intermediate duration ranges could achieve a desirable solution, maintaining appropriate liquidity and risk profiles.

4. Rapid capital deployment

The solution was to create a profile comprised entirely of LP-backed credit-line loans. Given deal flow and origination capabilities, this allocation allowed us to deploy $400 million in less than nine months. From there, the client, satisfied with strong performance and speed of allocation, increased its allocation to $1.5 billion within 12 months after the mandate went live.

A unique solution with room to grow

As the fund-financing market grows, we see a broader array of yield profiles and diverse investment characteristics that allow institutional clients to tailor solutions to their individual risk and return requirements.

At abrdn we provide truly unique fund-financing investment solutions for our clients. Few other asset managers have the capability to provide such diversified exposure and speed of deployment.


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