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Sustainable investing

What is sustainable investing?
At the basic level, Sustainable Investing is an approach to investment where environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, in combination with traditional financial considerations, guide the selection and management of investments. This can be thought of as ESG integration to the investment process. This input focuses on the risks & opportunities ESG factors may bring when assessing a potential investment.

In addition to ESG integration, investors may look for investments that seek to achieve a positive environmental or social outcome. This can be thought of as sustainable outcomes as an output of the investment process.

This all comes under the broad banner of ‘sustainable investing’.
Sustainable investing at abrdn
We have developed our sustainable investing approach, from over 30 years of experience, starting from a focus on corporate governance to the more holistic approach we take today. ESG considerations are now an integral part of our decision making.


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Latest insight articles on our research-led approach and insights on climate change, nature, social and governance themes.


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In our podcast series, listen to guests who are inspirational forces in sustainability. Discover something new or be motivated in your personal or professional journeys.

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