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Investment approach

We have been evolving our approach to sustainable investing since 1992, with our first ethical fund launched in 1994. We consider ESG factors, in combination with traditional financial considerations, to assess the financial risks and opportunities that impact decision-making. Our sustainable investing approach offers: Embedded ESG expertise – our global Sustainability Group works closely with ESG experts embedded throughout different regions, asset classes and business functions; to offer comprehensive insight. Proprietary process, research and tools supporting investment critical insight - with added rigour, based on our own proprietary toolkit; complementing a broad range of third-party sources. An active ownership approach, which seeks to enhance and protect the value of portfolios by actively engaging with companies we invest in and using our voting rights to encourage progress in sustainability.

Embedded expertise

for comprehensive analysis

Proprietary research and tools

for rigorous investment insight

Active ownership

for enhanced outcomes and value

abrdn Sustainability+ Product Framework

ESG Factors integrated into our investment process.

ESG enhanced

For investors focused on enhancing ESG integration with portfolio level sustainability targets and negative filters.

Sustainability aware

For investors looking for proactive management and awareness of sustainability issues through specific sustainability targets, negative exclusions and carbon commitments.

ESG house with a person
Sustainability thematic

For investors interested in specific sustainable themes.


For investors targeting specific and measurable sustainable objectives.

Asset class approach

Find out how our asset class teams integrate sustainable investing into their strategies.

Active Equities

Active equity investing can deliver real benefits for investors, the environment and society. We look to uncover the best investment opportunities through intensive, first-hand research and a disciplined process.

Fixed Income

Today's fixed income markets offer a wealth of ways to meet investors' needs for income, capital preservation and risk diversification. From developed to emerging markets, sovereign bonds to high-yield debt.


Blending a broad range of asset classes to target your risk-reward requirements.

Proprietary toolkit

Our proprietary process, research and tools complement our third party sources. They enable us to empower investors with an additional layer of investment-critical insight.

ESG scores

We identify ESG leaders and laggards with our own house scores, which adds rigour to third party data. This includes a central ESG house score, ESG quality scores for Equities and Fixed Income ESG risk ratings.

Climate scenario analysis tool

We identify how different climate scenarios may impact the valuations of companies we invest in based on a range of bespoke and realistic climate scenario outcomes.

Carbon footprinting tool

We create a baseline to understand current carbon exposure for our assets and how that may evolve over time.

Engagement reporting tool

This is applied across investments in Fixed Income and Equities to support better information exchange, enhance insight, help prioritise resource and improve client reporting.

Sustainable Investing Solutions

Let’s use the power of investment to help drive positive change

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