Climate change

2.4 °C *

is the warming trajectory we are on, based on 2030 country pledges

> 90%**

of global GDP is covered by net-zero pledges already

US$ 4 tn***

annual investment is needed into the energy transition, to reach net-zero by 2050

Enabling a net zero world

Climate change driven by rising greenhouse gas emissions is impacting every sector and region across the globe today – floods, droughts and extreme weather are becoming more severe and frequent. Climate change is therefore an urgent issue that needs significant finance flows into low carbon solutions. This creates compelling opportunities for industry, enterprise and investors to be part of the solution while creating alpha.

At abrdn, we are committed to helping tackle climate change – for our clients, shareholders and future generations. We believe that investing in credible transition leaders and climate solutions that can transform our world provides us with a clear opportunity to deliver strong outcomes for our clients, and help the world on its path to net-zero carbon emissions. We incorporate the risks and opportunities related to different climate scenarios into our thinking and influence through our active engagement and voting approach.

Net-zero directed investing - what it means for abrdn

We are committed to delivering on our commitments to net-zero directed investing. That means, taking action to be a positive catalyst for net-zero via actions across six areas of focus:
  • Investment integration
    We develop tools and processes to integrate climate change into our investment decisions.
  • Climate research & data
    We undertake rigorous, forward looking research related to climate change impacts, including net-zero 2050.
  • Investment solutions
    We develop climate solutions across all asset classes to enable our clients to achieve their goals, including net-zero 2050.
  • Transparency
    We are committed to providing transparency via regular Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reporting and enhanced ESG client reports.
  • Active ownership
    We actively engage with corporates on their climate goals and actions and reflect our views in voting decisions.
  • Collaboration & advocacy
    We collaborate with industry initiatives to drive best practice related to net-zero and advocate for ambitious climate policy.

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Social - Promoting a fairer society

Governance - Championing strong governance and business ethics

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