Our income strategies push forward

Our income strategies are diversified to deliver return opportunities throughout the economic cycle.

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Regular income to counter inflation plus potential capital gains when equity markets rise.
  • Two-tier strategy to capture high dividends and potential capital gains.
  • Diversified across value and growth, no use of derivatives.
  • 120 investing experts based worldwide, $93bn in AUM. (1)


Stable income from traditional and alternative assets to reduce sensitivity to monetary policy.
  • Unique mix of assets to provide genuine diversification.
  • Expertise in listed alternatives to provide uncorrelated income.
  • 80 investing experts based worldwide, $112bn in AUM. (1)

Fixed Income

Variety of solutions to capture risk-adjusted income through different market cycles.
  • Fundamental analysis tailored to evolving macro environment.
  • Risk management structure, built on local and global insights.
  • 140 investing experts based worldwide, $159bn in AUM. (1)

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Income in 2024

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3 big reasons why you should consider income in 2024

Economic activity in the major economies is expected to slow in 2024, even though some economies will be more resilient than others. When growth loses momentum, less risky assets that offer investors predictable cash payments, such as bonds, can often do better.

Our income strategies push forward

2024 - The year for income


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(1) Source: abrdn, 30 June 2023

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