MyFolio fund ranges

A multi-asset investment solution designed to meet your clients’ needs and long-term investment goals.

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Risk warning

The value of investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up and an investor may get back less than the amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to future results.

Cost-effective solution

The MyFolio team oversee asset allocation, fund selection and ongoing rebalancing of portfolios. Outsourcing this to us, gives you more time to focus on your clients.

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Choice and flexibility

The MyFolio fund range offers different investment styles and up to five risk levels. Rated by the major risk agencies. Catering to all your individual client needs and preferences.

MyFolio fund ranges
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MyFolio fund ranges

With MyFolio, you can choose from a number of different investment styles.

For a full explanation of risks and the overall risk profile of these funds and the shareclasses within it, please refer to the Key Investor Information Documents and Prospectus.

Please note that the number contained in the fund name is not related to the synthetic risk and reward indicator contained in the Key Investor Information document.


MyFolio Index

These five funds invest primarily in a range of tracker funds managed by abrdn. These underlying funds will aim to follow their respective index down as well as up. This is the lowest cost option within the MyFolio range as it primarily invests in trackers and does not undertake any tactical decisions between its annual Strategic Asset Allocation reviews.

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MyFolio Sustainable Index

These five funds invest primarily in a range of responsible passive funds managed by Justin Jones and Daniel Reynolds. These funds are aligned to the Strategic Asset Allocation of the MyFolio Index range but with additional sustainability considerations. This is one of the lowest cost option within the MyFolio range as it primarily invests in trackers.


MyFolio Market

These five underlying funds invest primarily in a range of tracker funds. Each MyFolio Market fund invests mostly in tracker funds that aim to replicate the performance of the S&P 500 index. This is a low cost option, little active management and therefore low management charges.

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MyFolio Sustainable

These five funds gives access to investments which aim to do more good and less harm whilst retaining all the benefits of a multi-asset portfolio, at a level of risk your clients are comfortable with. It does this by investing in a range of carefully chosen funds which meet our rigorous sustainability standards.

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MyFolio Managed

These five portfolios offer a competitively-priced option as they invest mainly in funds run by abrdn. We have considerable expertise investing across the major asset classes such as equities, property, bonds and alternative investments.


MyFolio Multi-Manager

These five portfolios invest in selected funds from leading investment managers in the market. We carry out in-depth research to identify funds we believe to be among the best in the industry.

Choice of risk level

There are five MyFolio risk levels for each of the growth ranges, and three for Multi-Manager Income, providing ample choice to meet the risk preferences of the majority of your clients, in a simple-to-understand format.

MyFolio I

Designed for investors with a conservative approach to investing and who prefer to take a small amount of risk with the aim of achieving modest or relatively stable returns. They accept some short-term periods of fluctuation in value.

MyFolio II

Designed for relatively cautious investors who want to achieve a reasonable return and are prepared to accept risk in doing so. Typically, these portfolios will exhibit relatively modest yet frequent fluctuations in value.

MyFolio III

Designed for investors with a balanced attitude to risk – those who do not seek risky investments but do not avoid them either. These types of investors are prepared to accept fluctuations in the value of their investments.

MyFolio IV

Designed for investors who are very comfortable with investment risk, aim for high long-term investment returns and do not overly worry about periods of poorer performance in the short-to-medium term.

MyFolio V

Designed for investors who are very comfortable with investment risk, aim for high long-term investment returns and do not overly worry about periods of poorer performance in the short-to-medium term. Ordinarily, these portfolios can be subject to the full extent and frequency of stock market fluctuations.

Investment process

Each MyFolio fund aims for the highest possible total return achievable for your chosen risk level. To achieve this, our process contains four key steps.

1. Strategic Asset Allocation

We seek to create the most of efficient mix of assets to help deliver the possible return for each risk level. We work closely with our colleagues with expertise in long-term asset class research, portfolio optimisation and risk modelling to achieve this.

2. Tactical asset allocation overlay

We can tactically tilt the long-term asset mix to take advantage of short-term investment opportunities. In doing so, we make modest increases in our exposure to those in which we have less conviction. The Index, Index Sustainable and Sustainable range do not incorporate tactical asset allocation.

3. Fund selection and portfolio construction

We then select the optimal blend of individual funds that go into each MyFolio portfolio. This involves quantitative analysis of over 8,700 funds followed by quantitative analysis to identify each fund’s potential for risk-adjusted performance. Next, we select the best combination of funds for each risk level.

4. Rebalancing and review

Finally, we ensure the MyFolio Funds continue to deliver the appropriate risk and return outcomes for investors. To achieve this, we regularly rebalance each portfolio reviews. We quickly replace any fund that is no longer suitable.

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Introducing our MyFolio Sustainable Index funds

At abrdn, we understand that many of your clients want to do more good and less harm with their investments, while targeting long-term outcomes and minimising costs. Our MyFolio Sustainable Index range is an affordable, no-fuss, risk-targeted fund of funds solution that’s here to help. Watch our video for all the details.

Meet the team behind MyFolio

The responsibility for the MyFolio funds lies across experienced portfolio managers, who are all part of the Multi-Manager Strategies Team.

Index, Sustainable Index & Market

Justin Jones – Senior Investment Manager
Daniel Reynolds - Investment Manager

Managed and Multi-Manager

Katie Trowsdale – Head of Multi-Manager Strategies
Robert Bowie – Senior Investment Manager


Katie Trowsdale – Head of Multi-Manager Strategies
Mark Lane – Senior Investment Manager

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