Islamic World Equity

A core portfolio for all weathers

Come rain or shine, we need a portfolio that caters to all weather conditions, offers sustainable growth and stability when it matters most.

Market downturns are unavoidable. However, Shariah-compliant companies typically have less debt compared with conventional firms. Companies that have less debt particularly during downturns can focus on their business with fewer concerns about their cash flow, and hence are better positioned to offer steady growth for investors.

Key benefits

The strategy invests globally across sectors, providing diversification benefits for investors. In particular, we prioritise sectors that offer growth and resilience, such as IT and health care.
Disciplined execution and sustainable approach
The strategy follows a disciplined investment process dedicated to long-term quality (LTQ). We embrace a team-based approach in an effort to avoid biases and capture the best investment opportunities.
Our global footprint
abrdn draws on the expertise of over 110 equity professionals operating across 12 markets worldwide, combining local insights with global perspectives. Our experts analyse thousands of companies and maintain a recommended buy-list of about 1,100 stocks globally that meet our rigorous due diligence standards.

Source: abrdn, 31 March 2023

Award-winning strategy

The following award is not granted by an entity related to abrdn.

The strategy has been named the "Best Global Islamic World Equity Fund" by FundSupermart for seven years running.

Funds in focus


Class A Acc MYR
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Our distributors

Being investment professionals, we aim to have our funds marketed objectively by other service providers. Our funds are available from a range of distributors including e-platforms, banks, insurance companies, financial advisers and brokerages. if you would like to invest or require financial advice please get in touch with one of these distributors.

Investment terms and conditions apply for each distributor.