Podcasts sobre Inversión Responsable

Debates sobre los temas clave que dominan nuestro sector en la actualidad

Los podcasts de abrdn cubren el dinámico universo de la inversión responsable (IR). En esta serie quincenal, Amanda Young, de abrdn, presenta debates que invitan a la reflexión sobre temas medioambientales, sociales y de gobernanza (ESG), como la sostenibilidad y el cambio climático, la diversidad e inclusión, la regulación y política, y explora cómo, juntos, podemos invertir para un futuro mejor. Emplee esta página para escuchar nuestros últimos podcasts o, si lo prefiere:

Latest episode

Positive tipping point

Host: Danielle Welsh Rose, Head of Sustainability Investment Specialists and APAC Sustainability

Guest: Claire O'Rourke, Journalist & Campaigner

Date: May 2023

In this episode Danielle invites Claire to discuss their shared belief in the power of the butterfly effect. Drawing from 20 years of experience in journalism, communications and campaigning around the world, Claire gives her unique insight. Hear from her how a seemingly insignificant person or action can make a difference.

What inspires you

“... little acts of kindness that people do that aren't required of them, but they just make everybody else's life more joyful - I find that really inspiring.”

Ann Meoni

Senior Sustainability Analyst, abrdn

Quoting 20th Century social scientist, Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”

Dr Lesley Dickie

Chief Executive Officer, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

“It’s been my work that’s inspired me… I’ve always been intrigued by the companies that are relentlessly, just trying to make things more effective and more efficient.”

Tony Hood

Investment Director, abrdn