Sustainable investing

Invest today. Change tomorrow.

What we invest in today will determine the world we live in tomorrow

Corporate Sustainability
As a company, we aim to lead by example, striving for the same high standards that we demand from the companies we invest in.
See how we work to incorporate sustainability and diversity and inclusion into all our operational practices.
Committed to sustainable investing
We have elevated our sustainability efforts across the company. That’s because we believe the consideration of ESG factors results in more constructive engagement and better informed investment decisions – helping our clients achieve their financial objectives.

Climate change

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a pivotal moment. Without drastic action now, it will be difficult and costly to adapt.

Mudanças climáticas

Focus on ESG

How we incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance factors into our approach to Sustainable Investing.

Environmental Action

We face interlinked environmental crises, from climate breakdown, extreme weather, and species loss to water scarcity and unsustainable food production. We take action in our operations, but our greatest impact and influence is through how we invest our customers’ and clients’ money.

Social Action

We are facing many global issues, from inequality and poverty to an ageing population. We want to raise awareness and drive positive change to support fair and inclusive work, equality of opportunity and connect with those isolated from society.

Governance and Active Ownership

As a responsible global investor, we leverage our scale and market position to raise standards in both the companies and industries in which we invest, and help drive best practice across the asset management industry.

Our ESG house scores

Our ESG house score is designed to shed light on a company’s management of ESG risks. We designed a proprietary ESG house score to supplement our existing analysis. The system draws on more than 100 internal and external data points from third-party providers while taking into account the factors that we feel are most relevant or important for sectors, regions and companies. to arrive at a single number, or score.

Active Equities

We are active equity investors. We believe that deep fundamental research, a disciplined investment process and full analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is the most effective way to deliver long-term returns for our clients.

Fixed Income

Consideration of ESG factors is embedded in our fixed income research process. It’s one of the key dimensions, alongside other valuation metrics, on which we assess any company in which we invest. We actively engage with our investee companies, combining information from these meetings with insights from our investment managers, research analysts and central ESG investment team.

Multi Asset

Our Multi-Asset Investment Solutions (MAIS) team manages a wide range of strategies and follows diverse investment approaches. Our ability to integrate ESG varies across our diverse portfolio management approaches. For example, where we use abrdn’s active equity and credit funds, ESG is backed by an extensive Stewardship process and ESG integration is extensive, but where we allocate using derivatives or passive index trackers, the opportunity to integrate ESG can be limited.

Quantitative Investments

Our goal is to make a difference – for our clients, society and the wider world. It’s about doing the right thing, while aiming to achieve our clients’ long-term financial goals. Here’s how this applies to our award-winning Quantitative Investment Strategies (QIS).

Real Estate

Driven by our four stewardship and ESG principles, we put stewardship and ESG considerations at the heart of: Our investment process, Our investment activity, Our client journey, Our corporate influence


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