> 50%*

of global GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature

US$ 125tn**

is the estimated value of ecosystem services provided by nature, free-of-charge

Sustainable investing


decrease in global wildlife population observed, since 1970

Preserving natural capital

A healthy planet is critical to the global economy and our way of life. Unfortunately, in recent decades the world has experienced significant levels of nature loss. With this loss comes increased potential environmental economic risks from supply chain disruptions, regulatory restrictions and costs and changing client demands.

As investors we don’t see the risks linked to the loss of our planet’s life support systems as something niche, sitting only in responsible investment products. This is why we have developed an investment approach to natural capital, based around six key areas of focus.

  • Research and data
    Enhancing our understanding of the implications of unsustainable use of natural capital across asset classes and regions; providing/sourcing data to measure this.
  • Investment integration
    Building upon the data and tools we use to enable decision makers to make informed choices when considering the preservation of natural capital within portfolios.
  • Client solutions
    Understanding clients’ expectations and develop investment solutions that can help deliver nature-positive outcomes.
  • Active ownership
    Better understand how the businesses we’re investing in manage their nature-related risks and opportunities. We’re also using our leverage to challenge investee practices and encourage improvements.
  • Collaboration and influence
    Collaborating with relevant industry associations and initiatives; engaging with peers and policy makers to encourage improvements and develop best practices.
  • Disclosure
    Encouraging better disclosure in line with Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) recommendations.
The consideration of environmental risks and opportunities is an integral part of our investment process. A good understanding of environmental issues allows us to make better investment decisions for our clients. We encourage companies to take corporate responsibility and tackle environmental issues and we expect them to demonstrate their commitment to improve their environmental performance.

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