Proxy voting

Integral to active ownership

We believe voting at company meetings is one of our most important activities when investing on behalf of our clients. We believe that voting is a vital mechanism for holding boards and management teams to account, and is an important tool for escalation and shareholder action. We seek to ensure that voting reflects our understanding of the companies in which we invest on behalf of our clients and seek to exercise voting rights in a manner in line with our clients’ best interests.

Process and Policies
We have robust processes in place to monitor upcoming general meetings and instruct votes. We take great care to set high expectations in our voting policies and when the companies in which we actively invest hold meetings, we assess the resolutions proposed.
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Transparent Disclosure
We publicly disclose all our voting decisions, with votes disclosed on our website the day after a general meeting has taken place. This disclosure includes rationale for votes against management and other selected votes.
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