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Enhancing and preserving the value of investments

We believe it’s our duty to be active and engaged owners of the assets in which we invest. Our aim is to both enhance and preserve the value of our clients’ investments by considering a broad range of factors that might impact on the long-term success of a company. As part of this, we actively engage with companies throughout our investment timeframe and undertake proxy voting.

We actively engage with companies to improve the financial resilience and performance of investments. Where we need to catalyse change, we endeavour to do so through our strong stewardship capabilities - maintaining close contact with the companies and assets we invest in, whether through listed equity, corporate bond, or private markets.

Proxy voting

Proxy voting is an integral part of our active ownership approach. We believe it is a vital mechanism for holding boards and management teams accountable.

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Engagement case studies

Our approach to engagement through the investment journey


Tower Bersama Infrastructure Group (TBIG) – June 2023


Central European Renewable Investments (CERI) – June 2023


Pacific Basin Shipping (PBS) – June 2023

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