Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

Separately managed accounts from abrdn support a consultative approach to help maximize the diversification potential of your investment portfolio. With access to our experienced portfolio managers across a variety of asset classes, our hands-on, process-focused analysis incorporates ESG considerations into every decision. With direct ownership of the securities within your account, you also have the flexibility to customize your allocation and more effectively manage potential tax implications.

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Key Benefits

Through our separately managed accounts you can leverage our global capabilities and extensive experience as an active manager to help navigate today’s uncertain markets.
Our lineup of SMA strategies allows for customization based on each individual investor, with flexibility and transparency that can help you more effectively manage a diversified portfolio.
For higher income investors, an abrdn separately managed account may offer the ability to better manage taxable gains, and limit tax implications inherent with pooled investment options.

Managed account profiles