What is Escheatment?
What is considered abandoned property?
Where is my account considered registered?
Inactivity Regulation – What is Inactivity?
When could my account be considered abandoned property requiring my investment in abrdn Funds or abrdn Investment Funds to be turned over to the state?
I live in a foreign country. Why did I receive a notice about escheatment?
What do the escheatment laws and regulations consider contact or activity with my abrdn Funds account?
How often do I need to contact you to keep my account in an “active” status?
I am enrolled in an automatic investment or redemption program. Is that considered contact?
What if I do not contact you?
What is the easiest way to maintain contact on my abrdn Funds account(s)?
What happens if my abrdn Funds or abrdn Investment Funds account is escheated to the state?
Where can I find more information about the abandoned property laws of my state?