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Quality focus
We have been investing in Chinese equities since 1992. Our stable, experienced on-the-ground team combines local insights with fundamental research. In doing so, the team aims to target and invest in high-quality, well-governed companies with strong balance sheets and clear competitive advantages. We also fully integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis in our investment process and actively engage managements to improve corporate performance.
High conviction portfolios
Through active stock selection, we build concentrated portfolios that tend to deviate significantly from the MSCI China A Onshore Index and have low correlation to global markets. Careful construction and rigorous risk management mean our portfolios can be well equipped to provide resilience during periods of market stress. Our active approach also affords us flexibility to react quickly to investment opportunities when markets are volatile and dispersions increase.
Structural growth opportunities
Our A-share portfolios reflect the long-term structural growth themes we see in China amid continued urbanization and a rising middle class. We therefore anticipate increasing domestic demand for high-end food and beverages, health care, insurance and wealth management. In addition, there are areas experiencing increased demand amid changing work patterns and online activity due to Covid-19. These include cloud computing, gaming and food delivery.

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China has become one of the most powerful forces shaping consumption behavior in the world today, and A-Shares offer unrivaled access to these historic changes.


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