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Credit confidence across market cycles

We’ve been investing in bonds for almost 200 years and now manage over £130bn in assets, supported by 140 fixed income professionals across three continents.

Our extensive expertise enables us to navigate different market conditions and deliver long-term portfolio stability. This gives you the confidence to stay invested – no matter what the future holds.

As of 30 June 2023.

Access to specialist strategies

With a global network of analysts and 30 years’ experience in Asia and emerging market debt, we can offer many specialist fixed income strategies that other asset managers may not.

We seek out and analyse opportunities in emerging markets, high-yield debt, private credit, sustainable bonds and more. Our aim is to optimise returns, manage risk and ensure alignment with your values.


We partner with pension funds, insurers and other clients to create fixed income strategies for their unique and often complex investment needs.

From seeking to protect the real value of capital, to targeting specific yield requirements, to matching sustainability parameters, we strive to create fixed income solutions that you can rely on to meet your real-world needs.

ESG embedded in our investments

Put simply, we believe that companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials are the ones best placed to deliver strong, risk adjusted, long-term returns for our bond investors.

Our primary goal and responsibility is to generate the best long-term returns we can for our clients, mitigate risks and unlock opportunities. Consideration of ESG factors is therefore embedded in our fixed income research process. It’s one of the key dimensions, alongside other valuation metrics, on which we assess any company in which we invest.

We actively engage with our investee companies, combining information from these meetings with insights from our investment managers, research analysts and central ESG investment team. This creates an holistic evaluation of each bond issuer and enables us to compare one with another.

Sustainable investing

What we invest in today will determine the world we live in tomorrow.

Our strategies

Municipal Bonds

We believe that, with their income-generating possibilities and tax advantages, municipal bonds can serve as an important part of a diversified portfolio.

Funds in focus

Exceptionally diversified solutions to allow investors to diversify risk and optimize investment opportunity.


Institutional Class


Institutional Class
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