Key Takeaways

  • Improving relations with the EU will be a foreign policy

    priority for Labour. The Party believes that reducing

    UK-EU barriers to trade and cooperation is essential

    to meet the UK’s economic and security needs.
  • Labour is politically in a position to seek greater

    changes to the UK’s relationship with the EU than the

    Conservatives. As such, it will see the review of the

    Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) as a major

    opportunity to reset relations.
  • Other key parts of Labour’s strategy include reducing

    trade barriers by increasing regulatory alignment with

    the EU, as well as seeking to regain mutual recognition

    of professional qualifications.

  • But there are limits to this approach. Labour has been

    clear it will not seek full alignment with EU standards.

    And Starmer has committed to remaining outside of

    the single market and customs union, while Labour

    would not return to any arrangement involving freedom

    of movement.

  • A key unknown in Labour’s strategy is the EU’s

    response. So far, the EU has been very keen for the

    UK to ‘own’ Brexit and the terms of the TCA agreed

    under Boris Johnson. A major reset of relations would

    be the necessary precursor to a meaningful review of

    the TCA. There are significant risks that Labour will fall

    short in its aims for a UK-EU reset if the two sides

    remain far apart on their negotiating positions.


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