Voting is integral to our active ownership activities
We believe voting at company meetings is one of our most important activities when investing on behalf of our clients. This means we take great care to set high expectations in our voting policies. And when the companies in which we actively invest hold meetings, we assess resolutions in detail.
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Robust Voting and Transparent Disclosure
We vote in line with our principles, always seeking to represent our clients’ best interests in the decisions we make on their behalves. Because we believe that strong business ethics and governance will generate positive outcomes, we encourage best-practice standards in our investee companies. We disclose all voting outcomes and details of engagement within 24 hours of a general meeting. Our periodic reporting to clients also details our voting activities.
Strong Stewardship Capabilities

We believe that better corporate behaviour will provide better returns over the longer term. This means we aim to enhance and preserve the value of our clients’ investments through active and engaged ownership of their assets. We consider a broad range of factors that might affect the success of a given company. Where necessary, we encourage positive action. We share insights from our ownership experiences across geographies and asset classes.