Emerging market equities

Invest to perform, engage to transform.

Quality-focused research

Over four decades, abrdn has built deep relationships throughout emerging market (EM) economies. Today, over 100 EM professionals* across the globe conduct extensive analysis, including over 1,500 meetings** a year, to get the most complete insight into companies, trends and sectors.

By using technology to bring our global team together and improve our real-time insights, we believe we can keep pace with change, recognize mispricings, and uncover high-quality companies.

*Both equity and debt, as of 1/17/2022

** as of 1/17/2022


We analyze ESG risks and opportunities in every company we cover. On-desk regional ESG specialists, supported by abrdn’s central ESG team, provide insight on ESG themes and sectors in local markets.

Through constructive engagement, including voting, all our EM professionals look to drive positive corporate change. We believe this helps us deliver EM solutions that target long-term positive outcomes for investors, society, and the planet.


Our team-based, collaborative approach ensures insights and analysis are continuously shared, interrogated, and debated. In our view, this allows us to invest with conviction in the best long-term investment ideas we can find in these complex, diverse, and fast-moving markets.

Through forward-looking, active investment, we seek to drive positive change and put clients at the heart of some of the most compelling opportunities emerging markets offer.

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