Investment options

When investing through a Self Investor account, you have access to a selection of funds from well-known fund managers.

You can browse over 1,200 funds that give you access to all the major sectors, asset classes (such as equities (shares), bonds and property) and regions (such as UK, US, China and Japan).

If you have a hard time choosing, you can also use our ready-made All-in-One funds. These are a section of funds made and managed by a fund manager and designed to match a range of risk profiles.

Whatever you decide, you should consider reviewing your fund selections regularly to ensure they continue to meet your investment goals.

Browse the full fund range

To view the funds, log in to your account and click the Research and Planning tab. Then select Full fund from ‘Choose investments’. You can then filter the list of funds, select funds for investment and add funds to your watchlist.

Browse All-in-One funds

To view and invest in All-in-One funds, log in to your account and click the Research and Planning tab. Then select All-in-One fund choice from ‘Choose investments’. You can then choose the All-in-One fund that best meets your needs and add it to your watchlist.

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