Cross ESG themes

Sustainability is more than just the E (environment), S (social) or G (Governance) in its parts. The lack of progress in one area often impacts the failures in another. We consider themes or sectors more holistically to understand how they are impact by environmental, social, governance factors.

We also analyse how macroeconomic and geopolitical developments impact sustainability progress, and consequently, sustainable investments. To facilitate incorporation of macro factors into our investments process, we have developed frameworks such as our global macro ESG index and our climate policy index.

Incorporating Macro Factors into sustainable investing 

We leverage proprietary data, research and tools in partnership with third party sources to uncover investment critical insight across different sustainability factors.

abrdn supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and uses the framework of sustainable development goals as pillars for identifying areas that require funding and offer opportunities for investors. This is the foundation of our approach to investing with impact. We believe that the SDGs are an industry benchmark that is holistic in covering key areas of sustainability and also acts as a guide to track progress via a common standard.

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Environment - Preserving natural capital

Climate change - Enabling a net-zero world

Social - Promoting a fairer society

Governance - Championing strong governance and business ethics

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