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About the Institutes

We established the Asia Pacific (APAC) Sustainability Institute in 2021 as a fully integrated sustainability centre of excellence that brings together Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) experts across Asia Pacific. We subsequently launched the Americas Sustainability Institute in late 2022.

Working with our global Sustainability Group, the Institutes are well-situated to translate abrdn’s global strategy for key regional markets, while developing a deep understanding of local client requirements and contributing to their ESG ecosystems.

The Institutes work closely together, creating synergies and sharing best practices for the benefit of our clients.

The Institutes’ mission

The Institutes drive sustainable investing by directing resources across the business towards sustainable outcomes in APAC and Americas by developing solutions that better meet investors’ needs, and by contributing to a resilient regional ESG ecosystem.

Their mission is to:

  • Deliver regional sustainability solutions and insights
  • Build regional sustainable investing knowledge communities
  • Contribute to regional sustainable investing progress

Sustainability institute leadership

Our two Sustainability Institutes are overseen by Danielle Welsh-Rose, Head of Sustainability Investment Specialists, APAC Sustainability & the APAC Sustainability Institute. The Americas Sustainability Institute is led by Fionna Ross, Head of Sustainability, Americas.

The Institutes’ membership comprises of established sustainability experts within the regional investment teams, and across the business; including Distribution, Compliance, Product, Learning and Development, and Corporate Sustainability.

Rather than establishing a stand-alone team of sustainability experts, our model supports a structure where such expertise remains embedded within the investment teams and supporting functions – closest to where they are most needed.

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