abrdn Silver ETF

SIVR: The lowest cost physically-backed silver ETF

Why abrdn Physical Silver Shares ETF

ETF structure

Designed to be easily accessible, transparent, and liquid



Silver bullion bars stored in secured vaults

Dollar price tag

Lowest cost

Expense ratio of 30 bps1

The investment case for silver

  • Silver is rare and has limited supply, which can increase its value over time as demand exceeds production. 

  • A highly sought industrial commodity, used in many sectors including technologies like electric vehicles and solar 

  • It has a low correlation to other asset classes, including equities and fixed income

Precious metals historically perform well during event risks

Silver may provide a hedging benefit during major world market events.

Silver tends to mimic the movements of gold

Over 50 years, silver & gold prices moved in same direction on 71% of trading days.

The gold/silver ratio

Recently, silver has been at a discount to gold given their historical average ratio.

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abrdn Physical Silver Shares ETF (SIVR) seeks to track the performance of the price of the silver bullion, less the Trust's expenses.

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  1. Since inception, the fund has always charged 30bps. There has been a voluntary waiver that has been in effect since the formation of the trust. The Sponsor has continued to waive a portion of its fee (0.15%) and will continue to do so until further notice.