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abrdn Ultra Short Municipal Income Fund

A tax-advantaged option for your short-term allocation

Efficient alternative for investors looking to invest idle cash without taking significant risk.

Seeks high after-tax current income consistent with preservation of capital.

Dollar price tag

Distributions accrue daily and are paid monthly.

Why abrdn for municipal bond fixed income

We believe inefficiencies within the municipal securities market can create attractive income opportunities, while implementing our disciplined approach to risk and volatility.

  • Experienced, skilled Municipal Fixed Income team, with full access to abrdn’s global credit platform
  • Investment process focuses on credit research to seek out opportunities that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns.
  • Strong track record in varying market conditions, driven by our consistent and repeatable process*
  • Our manageable size is an advantage in today’s liquidity-constrained market

* As evidenced by our track record compared to the relevant benchmark, Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Bond Index. Please refer to the factsheet linked here for additional, important information regarding the Fund. The factsheet includes performance as of the most recent quarter-end, fund fees and expenses.

A history of stability

Since inception (12/6/02), the Fund’s NAV has not dropped below $10.00. The chart illustrates NAV movement over the past 7 years in a challenging market.

Municipal bond yields may outperform on a tax-equivalent basis

Municipal bonds pay interest that is free from federal income tax. The chart below highlights the taxable equivalent yield for various tax brackets.

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The Fund seeks high after-tax current income consistent with preservation of capital.

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(a) Market Risk: Potential losses that may arise from changes in the market conditions which in turn affect the market prices of the investments of the Fund.

(b) Fixed Income Securities Risk: Fixed income securities fluctuate in price based on changes in an issuer’s financial condition and overall market and economic conditions. The value of a fixed income security may also fall due to specific conditions that affect a particular sector of the securities market or a particular issuer. Fixed income securities are subject to, among other risks, credit risk, extension risk, issuer risk, interest rate risk, market risk and prepayment risk.

(c) Active Management Risk: The Fund is subject to the risk that the Adviser or Subadviser may make poor security selections.

(d) Municipal Securities Risk: Municipal bonds can be significantly affected by political and economic changes, including inflation, as well as uncertainties in the municipal market related to taxation, legislative changes, or the rights of municipal security holders.

(e) Yield Risk: The amount of income received by the Fund will go up or down depending on day-to-day variations in short-term interest rates, and when interest rates are very low the Fund’s expenses could absorb all or a significant portion of the Fund’s income. Please read the prospectus for more detailed information regarding these and other risks.