Our approach

The way we direct capital not only shapes the financial returns we may achieve, but also the type of impact we have on the world.

We face interlinked environmental crises, from climate breakdown, extreme weather, and species loss to water scarcity and unsustainable food production. We take action in our operations, but our greatest impact and influence is through how we invest. We place importance on understanding the environmental risks of our investments, as well as pursuing the opportunities we believe can benefit the environment while providing enhanced returns.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors represent a key theme aligned with our Sustainable investing process, along with:

Social Factors

Active Ownership and Governance

The consideration of environmental risks and opportunities is an integral part of our investment process across all asset classes and sectors. A good understanding of environmental issues allows us to make better investment decisions for our clients. We encourage companies to tackle environmental issues, and we expect them to demonstrate their commitment to improve their environmental performance.

Quarterly Active Ownership Reports