Governance and Active Ownership

Together… we raise standards and transparency, building enduring trust.

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Enabling our clients to be better investors

It’s our duty to be active, engaged owners. Seeking to improve the financial resilience and performance of investments, thus enhancing and preserving the value of our clients’ investments.

We believe companies adopting improving practices in corporate governance and risk management will be more successful and deliver enhanced returns to shareholders.

Governance and Business Ethics

Governance and Business Ethics are key themes aligned with our Sustainable investing process

We incorporate

Environmental Responsibility
Climate Change
Human rights and social factors 

into our approach and consider sustainability risks and factors across asset classes.

Curiosity, innovation & ownership: Our Stewardship Code
Through engagement with our investments, and by voting, we seek to improve the financial resilience and performance of investments. Where we believe change is needed, we endeavour to catalyse this through our strong stewardship capabilities.
Quarterly Active ownership report
As a responsible global investor, we leverage our scale and market position to raise standards in both the companies and industries in which we invest, and help drive best practice across the asset management industry.

Quarterly Active Ownership Reports