Key Takeaways

  • On foreign and defence policy, Labour is likely to stick

    relatively close to the Conservatives, advocating for

    investment in defensive capabilities, maintenance of

    Trident nuclear submarines, and support of the UK’s

    membership of international institutions including


  • Expect to hear lots from Labour about ‘securonomics’.

    Taking from the Biden political playbook, this strategy

    advocates for supply chain realignment, and a closer

    integration of economic and security policies.

  • We do not expect any softening of the UK

    government’s position on China in the event of a

    Labour government, and indeed policy may become

    more hawkish over time in line with global trends.

  • Compared to the Conservatives, Labour will place a

    greater emphasis on improving relations with the EU

    through partnerships on security and trade.

  • Its vision for improving relations is ambitious, but it is

    not clear whether the party will be politically willing to

    make the necessary concessions to the EU for the

    current relationship to change significantly. We will

    have more to say on this in a forthcoming note.


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