Investors who are interested in investing in Aberdeen Asset Management (Thailand) Limited's range of funds can access our reader-friendly step-by-step guide on the procedures. Please refer to the guide below for more details.

New Investors

Open an account

There are 2 ways to open an account.

  1. abrdn online (Website)
  2. abrdn mobile application

For account opening details please kindly contact Client Service at 02-352-3388 or e-mail

Subscription Process

All investors need to complete the B-Pay form (which replaces the “Pay-In Slip”) and deposit cash or cheque at any one of the 4 banks as follows: Bangkok Bank, Bank of Ayudhya, Siam Commercial Bank and Kasikornbank.

If investors don’t apply for FastTrack Application, you must submit the Subscription order form to abrdn (Email or Fax +66 2352 3389) by 3.30 pm of the transaction day.

You can make a payment by cash deposit by 3:30 p.m. or by bank draft or cheque by 1:00 p.m. on the transaction day. Any applications received after these times will be invested on the next working day..

Conditions of minimum subscription

To subscribe by cash or cheque, the minimum is 1,000 Baht per transaction for every fund.

To subscribe by Krungsri credit card, the minimum is 1,000 Baht per transaction for the following funds.

Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF)

  1. abrdn Smart Capital Retirement Mutual Fund - ABSC-RMF
  2. abrdn Small-Mid Cap Retirement Mutual Fund - ABSM-RMF
  3. abrdn Asia Pacific Equity Retirement Mutual Fund - ABAPAC-RMF
  4. abrdn Global Dynamic Dividend Retirement Mutual Fund - ABGDD-RMF

Super Saving Fund (SSF)

  1. abrdn Small-Mid Cap Super Savings Fund - ABSM-SSF
  2. abrdn Thai Equity Super Savings Fund - ABTESSF
  3. abrdn Asia Pacific Equity Super Savings Fund - ABAPAC-SSF
  4. abrdn Global Dynamic Dividend Super Savings Fund - ABGDD-SSF
  5. abrdn Global Small Cap Super Savings Fund - ABGS-SSF
  6. abrdn All China Sustainable Equity Super Savings Fund - ABCG-SSF
  7. abrdn American Growth -Smaller Companies Super Savings Fund - ABAGS-SSF
  8. abrdn Global Innovation Super Savings Fund - ABINNO-SSF
  9. abrdn China Next Generation Super Savings Fund - ABCNEXT-SSF

Aberdeen Asset Management (Thailand) Limited reserves the right to reject subscription via credit card where it views that the purpose of investment is not exclusively for tax purposes.

For Monthly Invest Plan (MIP), minimum initial investment amount of only 1,000 Baht.

Existing Investors

After you subscribe to abrdn's funds, you will receive the following documents:

  • Confirmation Note which will be sent to you within 5 business days after execution date
  • Quarterly Statement

You can receive news via Youtube, LINE and Website. In addition, we also provide 24 hours online service through abrdn online or abrdn mobile application.

Redemption Process

To redeem investment units, investors should complete the redemption order form and submit to abrdn (Email or Fax +66 2352 3389) by 1.00 pm on the transaction day. Investors will receive their proceeds within 5 business days depending on your invested fund.

Switching investment units

To switch investment units, investors should complete the switching order form and submit or fax it to us (Fax +66 2352 3389) by 1.00 pm on the transaction day. We will use the NAV on the transaction day to calculate the number of units to be switched.

The minimum of fund switching balance is 1,000 Baht per transaction.

Note: For all transactions that are submitted to the company by fax, investors are requested to mail the original copy of the transaction order form to the company.


At Aberdeen Asset Management (Thailand) Limited, we believe it is important for investors to understand what they are investing in. As such, we have links listed below to answers for frequently asked questions, which may address your immediate queries.

1. What is B-Pay?
2. What is FastTrack?
3. What is the difference between B-Pay and FastTrack?
4. What documents must the unit-holder provide to the Company in order to apply for the FastTrack service? How long would it take to activate the service? How would the unit-holder be informed on the service activation?
5. For the B-Pay system, would the unit-holder be required to pay for any other expenses in addition to the subscription amount?
6. How would the unit-holder be informed if the payment via the B-Pay service and/or the execution of a Subscription Order form by the FastTrack service has been completed?
7. What are the procedures of payment through the B-Pay system via ATM, Telephone Banking, or Internet Banking (details of each bank’s payment procedure)?
8. If the unit-holder did not provide a mobile phone number in Reference 2 in the B-Pay form, how would the unit-holder receive a confirmation of the payment for unit trusts?