abrdn Small-Mid Cap Fund (ABSM*)

Thai Small-Mid Cap, invest today and grow with Thailand's potential leaders

abrdn Small-Mid Cap Fund (ABSM*) is one of abrdn's flagship funds, which seeks capital growth of small and mid sized Thai companies that have the potential to become Thailand's leaders in the future. The fund mainly invests in securities of companies registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand with a market capitalization not exceeding THB 80 billion prior to the investment date.

Invest in 4 key investment themes


Thailand is a well-known spot for tourism for its unique culture, beautiful landscape and variety of choices for all tourist groupss

Health & Beauty

Healthcare related business benefits from the aging society especially the aesthetic medicine market that experiences significant growth in Thailand. The recovery of medical tourism is another driving factor for growth

Eating & Dining

Rising consumption velocity fuels the growth of the F&B sector. Sales momentum for both domestic and foreign companies has been exceptional, particularly for several well-known brands.

Global Supply Chain Diversification

Thailand has benefited from the trend of global companies relocating their production bases, resulting in an increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows. This has been supported by ongoing state-level initiatives, including government investment promotion policies.

Source: abrdn, March 2024. Investment themes are subject to change.

Forecasts are offered as opinion and are not reflective of potential performance.

Forecasts are not guaranteed and actual events or results may differ materially.

Company insights leading to better outcomes

High quality research

Fundamental investment understanding underpins our research

  • ESG considerations integrated into investment approach
  • Extensive in house and third party resource and experience
  • In depth company, sector, industry and thematic research

Connected teams

Working together we deliver better investment results and innovation

  • Specialised ESG Analyst for every regional team
  • Centralised ESG team supporting all asset classes
  • Collaboration with abrdn’s Research Institute, Credit, Private Markets and Multi-Asset teams

Active corporate engagement

Stewardship is a fundamental component of our investment process

  • Active, engaged and responsible stewards of our clients’ money
  • Active owners engaging and voting to drive positive changes in corporate behaviour
  • Undertake informed and constructive engagement to improve performance

Positive outcomes

Delivering better risk adjusted returns

  • Holistic insights enhance investment decision-making
  • Management engagement improves corporate performance for clients and the wider society

Available shareclasses and benefits

*ABSM means ABSM-M which consists of two share classes: ABSM and ABSM-SSF.

ABSM-RMF has the same investment model as ABSM.

Our distributors

Being investment professionals, we aim to have our funds objectively marketed by other service providers. Aberdeen Asset Management (Thailand) Limited's funds are available from a range of distributors including e-platforms, banks, insurance, financial advisers and brokerages. if you would like to invest or require financial advice please get in touch with one of these distributors.

Investment terms and conditions apply for each distributor.

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