Risk assessment warning

1. The Investor/Customer ("the Customer") agrees to provide information to Aberdeen Asset Management (Thailand) Company Limited ("the Management Company") to use in conducting the Customer’s Suitability Assessment, and the Customer also acknowledges that this questionnaire is used for the benefit of his/her investment risk awareness

2. The Customer’s investment risk level is assessed based on the information disclosed by the Customer. However, this does not mean that the Management Company shall accept the accuracy, comprehensiveness, or credibility of such information provided by the Customer or the assessment results.

3. This Suitability Assessment applies only to the account that the Customer has opened with the Management Company and selling agents that have been authorized to use this Suitability Assessment. The Customer can take the Suitability Assessment by filling out the Suitability Assessment form via the Management Company’s electronic channel or other channels that the Management Company may add in the future.

4. In the case where the Customer has more than one account, the Customer shall acknowledge and agree to let the Management Company use the latest information provided in the Suitability Assessment and use the assessment result with all accounts that the Customer has opened with the Company and the Company’s selling agents, unless the Management Company chooses otherwise.

5. After the Management Company completes the Customer’s investment risk level assessment and informs the assessment result to the Customer, the Management Company shall assume that the Customer has been informed of and has acknowledged his or her investment risk assessment result (which is based on the information provided by the Customer).

6. The Customer should carefully study relevant investment information (including warnings about investments and their risks and requesting investment advice from qualified professionals who can provide investment advice to the Customer. In addition, the Customer should thoroughly study his or her investment risk assessment result in order to use it to assist his or her decision-making in investing in funds that the Customer finds suitable. Information relevant to investment received from the Management Company’s representative (if any) is merely partial information provided only for the purpose of assisting the Customer’s investment decisions.

7. Investments are made based on the decision made by the Customer and are not bound to the result of the Customer’s Suitability Assessment and may not be in line with the acceptable investment risk level as assessed by the Management Company. The Customer agrees to accept the risk in the case that the Customer decides to make an investment with a risk level higher than the acceptable risk level as assessed by the Suitability Assessment. The Customer agrees that the Customer’s investment may not be in line with the assessment result, may be inconsistent and may deviate from the assessment result.

8. In the case that a fund’s risk level is higher than the Customer’s acceptable risk level as indicated by the result of this questionnaire, the Management Company reserves the right to not process the Customer’s subscription order/switching order for any fund without having to give advance notice to the Customer. The Management Company also reserves the right to not process the Customer’s subscription order in the case that an adjustment is made to the Monthly Investment Plan and the risk information is reassessed or adjusted in accordance with the result of the unitholder’s Suitability Assessment, which may be administered in the future (except in the case that the unitholder accepts and acknowledges the fund’s risk on a case by case basis or in the case that changes are made in the future as the Management Company deems appropriate/or under the regulations of relevant agencies which may change in the future).

9. The Management Company, as well as its management, employees and officers, shall not be held liable to or responsible for any damages arising from the investment by the Customer.

10. The Customer agrees that the Customer is in charge of reviewing and updating the information in the Suitability Assessment within the period of time prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Commission/the Management Company and/or other relevant agencies, as well as adhering to any changes that may take effect in the future. In the case that the Management Company does not receive the Customer’s updated information for the Suitability Assessment within the prescribed time, the Customer agrees to give consent to the Management Company to continue to use the information that appears in the latest Suitability Assessment as recorded in the system until the Management Company receives updated information from the unitholder, unless otherwise permitted by the Management Company.

11. The Suitability Assessment and any action and information related thereto are provided as a service only for investors in Thailand. The Customer has read and understood the aforementioned warnings and relevant information and agrees to accept the warnings and Terms and Conditions, and hereby confirm that the information filled out in the Suitability Assessment above is true, correct and complete. The Customer also confirms that he/she has received an explanation about and understands the Terms and Conditions of the fund investment as well as the risks that the Customer indicates in the Suitability Assessment.

"I hereby confirm that the information provided in the Suitability Assessment above is true, correct, complete and up to date, and hereby confirm that I have been informed about my result and investor type from the Suitability Assessment and that I have received advice about investments that are suitable for the mutual fund’s risk level. I accept that I may not receive suitable advice in the case that I refuse to provide information and do not provide complete information. I also agree to, accept and understand the aforementioned Terms and Conditions and/or any disclaimer that may be added and revised by the Management Company in the future."

The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission requires all investors to complete the Suitability Assessment in order to assess the investor’s risk level prior to making any investment. The purpose of the Suitability Assessment is to let investors be informed of their risk and suitable investment options before deciding to make an investment so that service providers can provide suitable advice on investment and related services to the investors based on the investors’ risk level. The Management Company, therefore, would like to ask for investors’ cooperation in completing the Suitability Assessment in order to assess the customer risk profile. The Investor is required to update his or her risk information every two years. If the Investor refuses to complete the Suitability Assessment or fails to provide true, correct and complete information upon taking the Suitability Assessment, the Investor may not receive suitable advice and may not be able to subscribe to/ redeem/ switch investment units or process other transactions. By providing information that is accurate and up to date as requested by the Management Company, the Customer shall be entitled to suitable service and advice provided by the Management Company.