abrdn China A Share Sustainable Equity Fund (ABCA)

A differentiated approach to sustainable investing in China A-Shares

Investing primarily in equity instruments at least 80% of its NAV, in average, in any accounting period. The abrdn China A Share Sustainable Equity Fund invests in the abrdn SICAV I - China A Share Sustainable Equity Fund (Master Fund), whereby the Master Fund invests, directly or indirectly, at least 90% of its total assets in equity and equity-related securities of companies whose securities are listed on Chinese Stock Exchanges (Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange) including, without limitation, China A-Shares and B-Shares of companies listed on such exchanges and corresponding H-shares or other equivalent securities authorised by the CSRS for purchase by non-Chinese investors.

Key highlights of the Master Fund

ESG embedded into the process

A truly integrated ESG investment process by defining ESG risk and opportunities in every decision-making process, collaborating with in-house and third-party resources in ESG assessment, and engaging with the companies that we invest in to help improve their ESG standards.

High quality

30-year track record of investing in China. We select only 30-40 high-quality stocks in a concentrated portfolio.

Diversified portfolio

Invest across 5 key investment themes: aspiration, digital, green, health, wealth.

Strong track record

Top-quartile Morningstar performance ranking since inception. * Source: abrdn, March 2023 *Source: Morningstar, abrdn, December 2022. Inception date of the Master Fund: 16 March 2015

Key investment themes (Master Fund)

Where we are finding the best opportunities


36.6 %

Rising affluence is leading to fast growth in premium consumption in areas including travel, food and beverage and consumer electronics


16.3 %

Increasing connectivity amid the widespread adoption of technology means a bright future for plays on cybersecurity, cloud, software-as-service and smart homes



Policy makers globally are committing to a greener and lower carbon worlds and China is in the driver's seat.Investments in renewable energy, batteries, electric vehicles and related infrastructure all have a bright future. 'Grid parity' will be game-changing.



Fast increasing disposable incomes are driving demand for healthcare products and services.The opportunity set is diverse. Our holdings include a leading hospital, a medical equipment maker, a contract research provider, drug and supplement producers.



Growing prosperity means structural growth for consumer finance, investment services and insurance.
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Available shareclasses and benefits

ABCA-A (Accumulation)

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