Campaigns / Promotions

Promotional Campaign for Aberdeen Standard Siam Leaders Fund (ABSL) Aberdeen Standard China Gateway Fund (ABCG)
Investment amount equal to or greater than 1,000,000 Baht, investors and/or unit holders shall be charged the front-end fee at the discounted rate of 50% of the current rate*

*Currently charged at 0.50% of unit price for ABSL

*Currently charged at 1.50% of unit price for ABCG
Special promotion for Aberdeen Standard LTF-RMF as of 2019
Every 50,000 Baht of investment amount made into participating funds below;
  • Aberdeen Standard Long Term Equity Fund 70/30 (ABLTF70/30)
  • Aberdeen Standard Long Term Equity Fund (ABLTF)
  • Aberdeen Standard Smart Capital Retirement Mutual Fund (ABSC-RMF)
  • Aberdeen Standard Asia Pacific Equity Retirement Mutual Fund (ABAPAC-RMF)
  • During campaign’s period (2 January 2019 – 30 December 2019), receive 100 Baht worth of Aberdeen Standard Cash Creation Fund (ABCC). Conditions apply.
    Please study product’s features, conditions, and relevant risks before making investment decision. Investor should study tax benefit as stated in the Investment Handbook of the fund.

    Aberdeen Asset Management (Thailand) Limited is aware of the need to provide ongoing incentives and impart investing knowledge to both prospective and existing investors. Periodically, we have special promotions for our investors. Do visit this page often to find out Aberdeen Asset Management (Thailand) Limited's latest promotional event.