abrdn Listed Private Capital Fund (ABPCAP) invests into Aberdeen Standard SICAV I - Listed Private Capital Fund (“Master Fund”) that provides convenient access to private markets for investors through listed investment companies and listed asset managers.

Key benefits

First mutual fund in Thailand with 3 features:

  • Accessibility

    Exposure to private markets that may be available to institutional investors, providing easy access for retail investors to explore private market opportunities.

  • Liquidity

    Priced daily, enabling daily liquidity for investors.

  • Remarkable strategy

    Master Fund invests primarily in securities of listed investment companies and listed asset managers that mainly invest in private capital markets.

Why Invest in Private Markets?

Most investors look to invest in private markets to potentially enhance their portfolio returns, for means of diversification especially from the public markets, or simply as a form of inflation protection. However, private markets are not readily accessible by everyone. It is typically accessed by institutional investors due to the large amount of investments, or long lock-in periods.

Introducing abrdn Listed Private Capital Fund (ABPCAP)

Get access to the growing universe of listed global private market opportunities with daily liquidity.

The focus of abrdn's Listed Private Capital Strategy is primarily on opportunities in:

Private equity and Private debt

(large, liquid, mature private market asset classes that are difficult for many clients to access), but with flexibility to invest in other private market asset classes such as private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure

The LPC Opportunity Set

The universe of LPC investments comprises two broad types of company:

01 - Listed Investment Companies

a stock-exchange listed investment vehicle that holds a portfolio of private market assets, the log term value of which will be determined by the performance of those assets.

02 - Listed Asset Managers

operating businesses that derive their value from the management of, and investment in, private markets, the long term value of which will be determined by the managers investment performance and success in fund raising.

Available shareclasses and benefits

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