abrdn SICAV I – Global Dynamic Dividend Fund

Harvest recurring income with capital growth opportunities

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Important information
  1. The Fund invests in global equities and equity-related securities of companies which pay or are expected to pay dividends.
  2. The Fund is therefore exposed to risks related to equity, dynamic dividend strategy, concentration, investing in smaller companies, exchange rates, investments/exposures to RMB currency and/or Mainland China/RMB(CNH) share classes and securities lending transactions.

Why use global equities to harvest income?

Reinvested dividends account for 50% or more of total return

Potential for regular income and capital growth, as for most markets, reinvested dividends account for 50% or more (1) of the total return.

6.7% p.a. dividend growth

With a long history of strong dividend growth, the MSCI AC World Index delivered dividend growth of 6.7% p.a. (2).

Over US$1.33 trillion paid in dividends

Large diversified dividend universe, with more than US$1.33 trillion (3) was paid out in dividends globally in the 12 months to 30 September 2023.

Key benefits investing in abrdn's Global Dynamic Dividend Fund

6.34% p.a. average monthly payout

Receive a recurring monthly income stream of 6.34% p.a. (4).

Get paid to wait

Participate in potential upside of global equity markets while receiving premium monthly income.


The fund is style-agnostic, diversifying across Value (60%) and Growth (40%) blended approach. The Fund is also exposed across various sectors and countries.

How does the Fund harvest recurring income?

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(1) Source: Factset, Jefferies, December 2001 to June 2023. Using MSCI universe as it existed in the past. Based on local currency performance. Gross reinvested dividends without considering the impact of taxes.

(2) Source: MSCI, Bloomberg, June 2023, Q2 2023 vs Q2 2022 year on year change for dividends paid. For illustrative purpose only.

(3) Source: Bloomberg, MSCI, Paid by MSCI ACWI constituents, USD, 30 September 2023.

(4) Source: abrdn, 31 December 2023, based on A Gross MIncA USD share class, historical average over Jan to Dec 2023. Aim at monthly distribution. Dividend rate is not guaranteed. Dividend may be paid out of capital. Please refer to Important Information 4. A positive yield does not imply a positive return of the Fund