Important Information

  1. The Fund invests in global equities and equity-related securities of companies which pay or are expected to pay dividends.
  2. The Fund is therefore exposed to risks related to equity, dynamic dividend strategy, concentration, investing in smaller companies, exchange rates, investments/exposures to RMB currency and/or Mainland China/RMB(CNH) share classes and securities lending transactions.

Aberdeen Standard SICAV I – Global Dynamic Dividend Fund

Harvest recurring income with capital growth opportunities

Why the Aberdeen Standard SICAV I - Global Dynamic Dividend Fund

Design solutions

Premium income

Since inception, has delivered a dividend yield of 5-6%*, through capturing regular and special dividend events.

Disciplined compliance

Inflation resilience

High dividend and growing dividend companies provide a potential line of defence against inflation. Dividends, alongside capital appreciation potential, make up an important part of total returns.

Diversified Portfolios

Balanced exposure

Invests in a blend of value and growth stocks. Not putting all your eggs in one style basket.

* Source: abrdn, as of 31 March 2022. Dividend Yield = (Dividend per share / Price (ex-dividend)) x 12 (months) x 100%.Aims at monthly distribution. Dividend rate is not guaranteed, dividend can be paid out of capital. Please refer to Important Information 4. A positive yield does not imply a positive return of the fund. Fund inception date: 14 October 2020.

Learn how the Global Dynamic Dividend Fund can harvest recurring income for you.

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