We recently issued a series of articles outlining some of the partnerships abrdn has in place with a range of charities. abrdn is today delighted to announce a partnership with WorkingRite, a Scottish charity transforming the lives of young people who struggle to find a route into college or work before they leave school. 

Advocating for work-based learning and addressing systemic barriers

WorkingRite advocates for mentored work-based learning as an effective approach to prepare disengaged and disadvantaged young people for the workforce. This partnership, funded by the abrdn Charitable Foundation, aligns with its giving strategy focused on Tomorrow’s Generation. WorkingRite’s collaboration with abrdn aims to significantly enhance support for disengaged mid-teen students in Scottish secondary schools, helping them transition into sustainable careers.

Sarah Moody, Chair of the abrdn Charitable Foundation said: “Employability programs like WorkingRite’s are essential to bridge the gap between education and meaningful work. Many young people continue to face systemic barriers that impact on their pathway to employment, such as limited education or training opportunities, experience of childhood poverty, and the associated factors. Acknowledging and addressing these challenges is essential if we want tomorrow’s generation to fulfil their potential.”

Expanding the ‘Rite to Work’ Programme

WorkingRite aims to expand its ‘Rite to Work’ (RtW) employability programme to 18 new secondary schools across Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Edinburgh over the next three years. RtW uniquely bridges the gap between school and work, providing a seamless pathway for struggling 15- to 17-year olds. RtW is a proven, high impact employability model for those who are struggling most at school. Over the past three years, pilot programmes in Edinburgh and East Ayrshire, launched during the second Covid lockdown, have consistently achieved a 75% success rate in placing young participants into jobs, apprenticeships, or college.” 

abrdn colleagues can actively participate by volunteering their skills, promoting project successes, and advocating for systemic change alongside WorkingRite. There will also be more long-term mentoring opportunities for colleagues in Scotland to further develop the partnership between abrdn and WorkingRite.

A message from WorkingRite's Chief Executive

Graham Robertson, Chief Executive of WorkingRite, said: “Our partnership with abrdn is an absolute game changer in terms of our ability to now roll out our Rite to Work programme in three key areas across Scotland. 

“We have already run an incredibly successful pilot of the project and to be able to extend this to young people across the country is a huge step forward for us as a charity.

“WorkingRite’s mission is to support and mentor young people as they make the transition to adulthood, from school to the working world. Times have rarely been tougher for young people, so Rite to Work focuses on early intervention, with pupils who for various reasons are struggling with the traditional education system and offers them an alternative route to success in work and in life. Rite to Work supports them to overcome the various barriers in their lives and helps them fulfil their undoubted potential and move into positive destinations such as an apprenticeship or long-term employment. 

“We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce our partnership with abrdn and to be able to do what we do best – supporting the hardest-to-reach young people and helping them become confident, happy adults who contribute positively to society.”

Making a positive impact

Watch the video below to learn more about our partnership and the impact of the ‘Rite to Work’ program on young people, schools, and the local community.

Learn more about WorkingRite on their website.